Event Furniture rents out designer furniture for events. We’ve been involved in renting for a number of years now, with very positive responses at every event. Our furniture is suitable for event, wedding, catering or production agencies, film and advertising companies, fashion studios, hotels, car showrooms…

Think of furniture which will emanate the right style for your event

It is just for these occasions that Event Furniture was founded, our objective being to assist all implementers of high quality and exclusive events to get the right look. Because it is the first impression of the space, its layout and furnishings which determines how your guests feel at the event. Event Furniture will provide you with designer furniture to rent which will make any event special in accordance with the client’s choice. You can furnish the whole space using our unique collection of designer furniture so that different sections are in harmony with each other, and in particular so that your guests can enjoy comfort and luxury. Our collection of 13 types of furniture designed mainly for social and company events can fully secure events for up to 500 guests. All items of furniture are exclusive in nature, offer unconventional design and are made from luxury materials including leather, metal, plastic, steel, fabric, fibreglass and toughened glass. You will find chairs, armchairs, ballchairs, seats, sofas, cocktail tables, coffee tables, bean bags, and even vases. Each item of furniture is available in various materials. You can order plastic, acrylic, fibreglass or fabric chairs; it all depends on your own imagination. Our range of furniture means that you truly can furnish the whole space where your event is to take place to give it a unique aura right on first contact. As well as furniture of excellent functionality, clients also get the added bonus of high elegance, which can accentuate the nature of the whole event.

Be trendy and be visibly different

The Event Furniture concept is based in particular on the trends which currently prevail in the event marketing segment. But we don’t wait to see when trends and new products come onto the markets we operate in. Instead we draw our inspiration and motivation from international markets. The very first idea for the company concept came from Austria. Austrian events display a clearly visible philosophy that furniture should be not just purposeful but should have a marked appeal. Their conviction is based on clearly demonstrating that chairs aren’t just something for sitting on. Chairs are also something which can look exclusive, and be an integral part of the space in which the event is held. Something which expresses the objective of giving elegance to the whole space through clear contours, a symbiosis of furnishings, event ideas and the space in which it takes place. Anyone who is organising any kind of event above all wants to leave an impression on their guests, so it is evident that the guests enjoy themselves there and will look back fondly on it in future. Event Furniture furniture can multiply the unique experience and emotion of your event.

It’s not enough to think internationally, you have to be international

Event Furniture currently operates on the Austrian, Slovakian and Czech markets. This international operation is one reason why we can come up with new trends on each market, constantly modernise and inspire our clients. Our international operations and our direct perception of movements on foreign markets forces our company to continuously move forward, to always be ever more innovative, full of designs and trends. This doesn’t just affect our furniture itself, but also the overall service which Event Furniture provides, and naturally also on what ever greater emphasis is being placed on – prices. Event Furniture secures a complete service with the furniture it offers, which is literally at an international level. If you’re not able to transport the furniture yourself, we’ll take care of it. As well as delivery, we also take care of handling the furniture and design of the space in which the furniture is placed. Those who have varied experience of implementing events know that it is service and services offered which are often the extra value they have been looking for. And when a reliable and responsible approach is combined with great design, there are few who can compete with such an offer.

Fashion Weekends picks furniture from Event Furniture!

The clearest proof that Event Furniture is truly in fashion, trendy, unconventional and visibly different is the fact that organisers of the largest fashion events of the year – Prague Fashion Weekend and Bratislava Fashion Weekend – have chosen us. Event Furniture was a proud partner for this unique fashion event, and our furniture helped create an elegance and exclusivity of the fashion weekend. Our designer furniture assured comfort and contributed to the attractiveness of the catwalk and fashion lounge.

If you’re interested in renting our designer furniture, don’t hesitate to contact us.